What is Urbandesis.com?

Urbandesis.com is an attempt to package all things and happenings of desi interest in Singapore and bring to you. We aim to share with you the latest events (Plan Ahead), our experiences of new and tried eating joints (Food), showcase of selected Indian businesses and notable Urbandesis in Singapore (Showcase), places to travel around (Beyond) and desi communities to meet and connect around here (Connect)(coming soon) and all that we find hip and happening for you (Verve). So stay tuned with us for the love of desi-ness – if there is such a word!

What are Urban Bites?

Urban Bites is a business advertorial feature and hence paid-for by the business. Our other paid feature on Urbandesis is web advertising.

Is it free to join Urbandesis.com mailing list?

Indeed! It is free and fun! Urbandesis.com will send you regular newsletters and we are no spammers so we will keep the frequency only to keep you in the know-how of things. We will also send you Urban Bites letter once in a while, which as you know are paid-for features.

How do I join Urbandesis.com as a contributor?

Urbandesis is on a look out for contributors for the website. If you think you match our style and have a good desi know-how please send us your CV, writing samples and a link of any existing blog on contribute@urbandesis.com