Know your Singapore: Mid Autumn Festival – All You Need To Know! *Republished*

Mid-autumn & mooncakes Cover

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, the Mooncake Festival or the Lantern Festival, falls on the 15th day of the 8th month according to the Chinese lunar calendar. Mooncakes and lanterns are the symbolic associations with this month-long celebration which culminates on the festival date this year on the 15th of Sept. The […]

Seoul – 9 most recommended things to do in South Korea’s Vibrant Capital!

South Korea Cover

South Korea’s busy capital is now the hot-bed for the latest in fashion, luxury goods and technology. Explore this enchanting destination with Urbandesi, Garima as she clues you into what’s happening in one of the world’s most wired cities. Annyeonghaseyo! Let me start by telling you how I ended up in South Korea in the […]

Do’s and Don’ts for Round The World Travel by IndiaKeTravelCouple!

India ke travel Couple Cover

Chandni and Kiran belong to the set of passionate people who are willing to trade a comfortable life with one that accords them the liberty to follow their hearts. Putting at stake their successful IT careers in Toronto, Kiran took the bold decision to travel – so he could chase his childhood dream of bag-packing […]

Indian Temples in Singapore – A Quick Guide!

Indian Temples in SIngapore

Urbandesis, for all of us living here and now calling Singapore home, one of the things we admire most about this country is its cultural diversity. In its kaleidoscopic realm, it is estimated that this nation hosts more than 350,000 Indians (Thanks Wiki), who celebrate their religion without any constraints and restrictions. After living in […]

Bali – A Quick Guide To What And Where In Bali!

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Booking our trip to Bali was no less stressful than a business presentation to a unconvinced boss. Just that in that case my dear husband wasn’t too convinced in why we should visit Bali again. He believed a place once done is done and you should definitely experiment with newer destinations. My argument was simple […]

Know Your Singapore: 8 Things You Should Know About Chinese New Year

Chinese New year Singapore cover

If you’re living in the Lion City, you would have noticed the ‘overnight’ change of Christmas lights and decorations adorning the roads and shopping centres island wide. Out with the stars and baubles, and in with the fiery red coloured dragons and lanterns. Akin to Diwali for Hindus, Chinese New Year is the most important […]

Thaipusam 2016: All You Need To Know!

Thaipusam 2016 Date Singapore Cover

This day may not be a public holiday yet, but Thaipusam in Singapore is big and so it pulls in thousands of devotees and visitors who witness this Hindu festival and honour of Lord Murugan or Karthikey – symbolising virtue, youth and power and is the destroyer of evil. Thaipusam –When? Thaipussam is a festival […]