Meet Vijay Krishnamani!

Meet Vijay Krishnamani

Technology person by profession and social worker by passion, Vijay Krishnamani presently works with Tata Consultancy Services in Singapore. He has previously worked in top-tier companies including Nucleus Software, Infosys BPO Ltd and Citibank Singapore. Not very different from many of us, you would think. Except that he is. Vijay Krishnamani is hearing impaired, but […]

Meet Rohini Ramnathan!

Rohini Ramamanthan Cover

We know her as RJ Rohini. But did you also know that Singapore’s favourite Bollywood RJ won two prestigious Mediacorp Radio awards in the year she landed in Singapore? Did you know that she starred in films like Dhobyghat (check out the video below – exactly at 1:14:23), had a character based on her in […]

Meet Shalaka Karnik Ranadive!

Shalaka Karnik Ranadive Cover

I met Shalaka Ranadive at a fashion exhibition in Singapore last year when a common friend casually introduced us. I thought that she looked familiar but I couldn’t place her, so for a while I knew her as someone who runs an acting academy called Wecandoitt, together with Anupam Kher’s Actor Prepares acting school, here […]