Tinker Fest – The Place For Kids To Be This Week!


What is Tinkering? Remember the perfect paper planes we made as kids or the tin / paper-cup phones we made, that was tinkering. Tinkering is learning hands-on through play, exploration, and experimentation. This builds interest, engagement and deeper understanding of every concept. Wouldn’t we want our kids to learn more that way, right from the […]

Urban Bites: Singapore Expat Solutions – Helping You Call Singapore Home!

SES Cover

It isn’t easy to settle in to a new place. We all have been there struggling and trying to sort it out and before we think it is all settled, we encounter this feeling again as an expat. Whether it was when we first moved in, we first hired a helper or when we first found […]

“AMMA TELL ME..” Indian Mythology Books For Kids by Bhakti Mathur!

Amma Tell me Cover

Do you love Indian mythology and wished that your kids read books about Indian festivals and mythological figures like they do about Christmas and Santa? Of course you did, but may be like me, you never came across such books! So parents and parents to be listen-up – this may just be the thing you […]

Impact of Culture on Counselling for Kids

Impact of Culture Cover

We know that our culture has a bearing on how our kids behave, have you ever thought of seeking counselling in tough situations that last longer than desired? We live in a multicultural society where we need someone to understand our culture to provide counselling to us. How do you choose the right counsellor? Understand this and […]