Meet Vijay Krishnamani!

Meet Vijay Krishnamani

Technology person by profession and social worker by passion, Vijay Krishnamani presently works with Tata Consultancy Services in Singapore. He has previously worked in top-tier companies including Nucleus Software, Infosys BPO Ltd and Citibank Singapore. Not very different from many of us, you would think. Except that he is. Vijay Krishnamani is hearing impaired, but […]

Epicurean Journeys – A Pop-up Chefs Dining Series Event In Singapore From 30th May – 3rd June 2016.

Epicurean Journeys by The Luxury Collection Hotels and Resorts Cover

Ever dreamt of roaming the globe just to experience the tastes and flavours of different countries? Food lovers, take note. With the Epicurean Journeys Pop-up Dining Series coming to Singapore, here’s your chance to uncover the tastes of 5 legendary cuisines from 5 different countries – India, Thailand, Greece, Austria and Italy – without having to fly […]

Epicurean Journeys 2016: An Interview With Corporate Chef Manjit Gill!

Manjit Gill Epicurean Journey Cover

  As the Epicurean Journeys pop-up dining series comes to Singapore, it brings with it 5 internationally celebrated chefs from 5 destinations around the world, amongst them Indian Chef Manjit Gill – a highly acclaimed chef with over four decades of excellence in the culinary profession. Manjit Gill, who is ITC Hotels Luxury Collection India’s […]

Support A Cause: Suniye – Transcending The Barriers Of Silence

Suniye Cover

Today, India is home to 15 million hearing impaired citizens. Can you grasp the implications of being born with a severe hearing loss? A baby who cannot hear, can often as a result not learn to speak, read or write. This in turn, can have an adverse effect on his/her future, often making it difficult […]