Logo-in-FrameIf you are here, you are AWESOME! Thanks for stopping by, we are glad you want to know who we are!

We are a bunch of desis, very much like you, who moved to this urban land and are trying to call it home! For us too, it doesn’t matter which part of the world we go, we carry our desi likes and dislikes with us. We explore, like and love all things new, but cherish and miss the old. We do not stop by at the temple so often now, but we still close our eyes and silently pray as we pass by. We explore, travel, evolve and make new friends but we stay close to our roots and loved ones! We love Pizzas and Satays but still nothing matches the Tandoori tikkas and Idli dosai! We are busier in our lives than ever before but we never miss celebrating the weddings and festivals in our own grand style. This is us – you and me – Urbandesis!

Urbandesis.com is an attempt to package all things and happenings of desi interest in Singapore and bring to you. We aim to share with you the latest events (Plan Ahead), our experiences of new and tried eating joints (Food), showcase of selected Indian businesses and notable Urbandesis in Singapore (Showcase), places to travel around (Beyond) and desi communities to meet and connect around here (Connect)(coming soon) and all that we find hip and happening for you (Verve). So stay tuned with us for the love of desi-ness – if there is such a word!

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