Showcase: Aakanksha Singh (Badrinath Ki Dulhania – Ki Friend)


Remember we told you that Alia Bhatt & Varun Dhawan with rest of Dharma Productions crew are shooting in Singapore for their next movie Badrinath Ki Dulhania? So that is how we met with Badrinath ki Dulhania Ki Friend –  Aakanksha Singh, she plays Alia’s friend in this movie.

You would remember Aakanksha as Mrs Vyas/Bhatnagar from the super hit TV serial on Colors channel Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha season 1&2 or Annie from Gulmohar Grand. Her popularity has grown in leaps and bounds due to her simplicity and charming smile. No wonder Dharma Productions got her to play this role.


Aakanksha shared with us her thoughts on being in Singapore for last three weeks and a bit about the movie and her experience of working with Alia and Varun. All this when she was tired and aching from shooting (jumping) at the Trampoline park here in Singapore, so thanks to her for meeting us. Here is all.

Aakanksha, tell us how did you find Singapore?
I have been to Singapore before, for my honeymoon actually. So when I came this time It didn’t feel that I was coming to unknown shores. I felt aware. On how Singapore is, it is lovely, peaceful, free of pollution and yea it is a beautiful city.

Having said that, I am now missing India and my husband, I want to go back home.

Is it your first time on the big screen? Tell us about your role in the movie.
Yes, it is my first movie project and I am very excited – after all its Dharma Productions. It has been a very nice experience shooting with them so far.


At this stage I can’t comment much about the movie, but you know it is a love story. In the movie I am playing Alia’s friend and you will see me in the second half of the movie which is shot in Singapore.

How has your experience working with Alia and Varun? Did the big names make you nervous at first?
The experience has been super lovely. It is more like a friendly relationship now as we shot almost daily for last few weeks. There were many fun and quirky moments. We did a lot of sporty things together as a part of the shoot. So all in all fun.


It didn’t make me nervous actually. It was more of excitement. Actually theatre taught me that. It gave me that training to work in any background. So there was no nervousness at all. And shooting here became like a holiday with friends. I quite enjoyed it.


Aakanksha is heading back to India today as she is done with the shoot. She says a hello to all Urbandesis here in this video!



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