Mehendi (Henna) In Singapore – 10 Awesome and Professional Artists!


Karwa Chauth is right around the corner, ladies! While you’ve been shopping and getting all geared up, we’ve been putting together a list of some of the best mehendi artists in town, just for you! This is for you, if you are looking for something special from the usual mehendi offerings at Little India.

1) SyraSkins
Sisters Syra and Mehroon are not your regular mehendi waali’s in the neighbourhood market, they’re social media stars with a massive following on Instagram! And when u have a look at their work, you’ll know just why! Besides mehendi application, they also do hair treatments and run classes if you’re the DIY sort.
Phone: +65 9823 7568


2) Saheli Henna
Want something extra snazzy? Saheli Henna does pretty awesome coloured henna with sparkly embellishments. Pretty as the colours are, we’re in love with the lace effect of white henna! With a choice of natural home-made henna, instant super dark henna, color henna and white henna, you’ll be spoiled for choice!
Phone: +65 8505 5448/+65 9181 6422



3) Nabila
Exquisite patterns and intricate designs are Nabila’s speciality, and it’s easy to see why appointments with her get booked up pretty quick. Hurry, ladies, you may still find an open slot if you’re lucky!
Phone: +65 9336 7848


4) Zahra Bridal Henna
From modern mandalas to pretty paisley patterns, Zahra’s designs are simple yet precise and neat. She’s game for more intricate bridal designs too, if you’re up for something more elaborate.
Phone: +65 9823 2805


5) QF Creation
Qidah Fuad is your go to girl for simple, elegant designs. If you think this design looks easy, keep in mind that the simpler the design is, the easier it is to spot mistakes. This one is faultless, and that takes tremendous amounts of skill!


6) Vino’z Creationz
Vino’z Creationz
offers traditional designs perfect to elevate the festive mood! Big bonus points for being a one stop shop that also offers manicures, pedicures and nail art. Sit back, relax and pamper your hands and feet!
Phone: +65 9831 8565


7) Nuryn Eddy
Inspired by Moroccan design, geometry and patterns, youngster Nuryn Eddy’s henna art is perfectly symmetrical and detailed. Her henna blend is made of cajeput, sweet orange, eucalyptus and lavender. Aaah, gorgeous to look at and a treat for the senses too!


8) Fauzella Artistry
If you’re a neat freak (we are too!), you’ll have high regard for the work they do at Fauzella Artistry! Feeling a bit more loving towards the hubby? They have really cute heart designs as well!
Phone: +65 8200 8375


9) Khair Henna
Get Khairunnisa Chow’s creative juices flowing and she’ll make you some totally fabulous body art too! How amazing would this look with a backless choli, right?
Phone: +65 9073 7296



10) See Min Ng
If you really want to make a big fashion statement, See Min Ng should be your choice. This wannabe tattoo artist will create something so breathtakingly unique and unconventional, people may just be looking at you instead of the moon!
Phone: +65 8333 3453


Happy fasting and feasting, ladies!



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