Urban bites: Looking Forward To Art Karat This October In Singapore, Here Is Why!


Art Karat is one of the most celebrated designer jewellery houses of India. A brand synonymous with exceptional kundan jewellery and trend setting designs, their breathtaking masterpieces evoke a feeling of heritage, royalty and romanticism.

Art Karat is back in Singapore this October from 8th – 16th at the Hilton Orchard, with its exquisite and eye catching Navratna collection. We are looking forward to this show and here is why!

Setting the Trend
Art Karat is the source of jewellery for several trend-setting Bollywood period movies like ‘Devdas’, Monsoon Wedding’, ‘Kamasutra’, ‘Zubeida’, ‘Ram-leela’ and most recently ‘Bajirao Mastani’.  


The fact that the jewellery is set in silver and not gold, makes it all the more affordable. It is plated with 22k gold and is studded with precious and semi precious stones. Makes it perfect for travel too.


Asha Kamal Modi, chief designer and co-founder of Art Karat, introduced the concept of designer jewellery in India back in the 80’s. A lot of design houses followed the success of Art Karat. However, the richness and the perfection of India’s finest artisans couldn’t be imitated.


Lifetime Policy 
They have a lifetime policy of repair and maintenance (free!) which should give customers a huge comfort in this fast-moving world of fashion. Additionally, you can exchange your jewellery within a year at 75% of the price. We like this bit a lot.

Celebrity Clients
Art Karat told us that their celebrity client list includes names like Neeta Ambani, Rekha, Kiran Kher, Aishwarya Rai, Sharmila Tagore etc.


Art Karat Jewellery Show
Date: October 8th- 16th
Venue: The Hilton, Orchard | 11AM – 8PM



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