URBAN BITES: 8 Signs You Need Physiotherapy Help!


Urbandeiss, there are times when we ignore signs about our health. We just carry on with what is needed of us at work and at home. We pay attention and give importance to things only when they become urgent. Only if we could attend to the signs we can really preempt the need for major medical help. One such area is Physiotherapy – which can drastically improve the quality of our lives through prevention and rehabilitation. But how do we knowif we need physiotherapy help?

Pooja Hamirwasia from Pooja Physiotherapy and Healthcare Centre is helping us identify if we need physio help. She is a trained physiotherapist with 8yrs of experience & continuous research & development. Having worked with renowed centres across India & Singapore she poses skills to recomend the best suited therapy for you. Here are 8 signs you need physio help to prevent the onset, symptoms, and progression of impairments, functional limitations, and disabilities that may result from diseases, disorders, conditions, or injuries.

1) You feel pain even while siting at your desk or watching TV.

2) You have lost balance.

3) You are in pain even after medications.

4) You are not moving as easily as you used to: knee, shoulder, back, neck, elbow or ankle.

5) You keep going for massages to get some relaxation. (A sign of weakness)

6) If you are returning to work after sports injury, surgery or even bed rest.

7) You fear long travels that will lead to pain in back/ neck

8) You fear lifting shopping bags/ light weights in daily life.

If you would want to restore, maintain, and promote optimal physical function, fitness, a quality of life and want to understand & solve your muscles & joints related problems. You know whom to call.

Pooja Physiotherapy and Healthcare Centre
#02-03,Loft@ Nathan
Singapore  – 248327
Phone +65 6384 5452



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