Disposal of Old Furniture in Singapore – How and Where?

Dispose furniture Singapore CoverBored of your home décor and want to redecorate but being held back simply because you don’t know what to do with all that old furniture? Or loved that beautiful recliner on display in the showroom, but clueless about how to get rid of the old sofa at home? Fret no more! Urbandesis will help you decide on the best way to say goodbye to your old furniture – from within the comfort of your house.

Of course, trashing your furniture isn’t always the best option. If your old furniture is in good condition, you can always consider selling or donating it. There is a huge market in Singapore for selling pre-loved furniture. Carousell, Craigslist, Gumtree are just some of the popular avenues for selling used items. There are also several Facebook groups for buying and selling of pre-loved goods. So before you decide to trash your old furniture, do consider selling it. After all, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Another option is to pass on your used furniture to the less fortunate. If your furniture is in good condition, you can consider giving away to Freecycle, The Salvation Army or Pass It On. For donating pre-loved stuff, check out our guide of 7 Places Where You Can Donate Your Pre-Loved Stuff – Clothes, Toys, Home Stuff!

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However, if your furniture has reached the end of its life and disposing it is the best option, here is a list of just a few professional service companies that you can hire to properly dispose of old furniture, as doing it yourself might be dangerous and cumbersome.

1) Condo Management
Before you embark on the process of finding a furniture disposal company, check with your condo management to see if they can help. Several condos in Singapore, offer free disposal services for old furniture. Some have a disposal area within the condo where you can just dump your old furniture.

2) Town Councils
Your town council also provides free disposal for bulky items, for up to 3 items per month. However, they do not provide dismantling or removal of built-in furniture like kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. Here is a list of all the town council centres along with their contact numbers.

3) De Furniture Disposal
De Furniture Disposal is one of the most reliable companies that assist in furniture disposal for you. They have affordable prices with a reputation of delivering prompt services.
Phone: +65 9745 3077

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4) Junk To Clear
These people help you clear unwanted furniture and the prices vary according to the size of the items. Junk To Clear is the first disposal company to have implemented paperless invoicing and assures secure disposal of products. They work 7 days a week (all year round) and also offer priority same day service, even if you call them at the last minute.
Phone: +65 6749 2306

5) HT Business Services
HT Business Services is a group of professionals that help you discard your unwanted furniture, light or heavy. Their operating hours are 9am to 9 pm all days. Their charges are inclusive of the handling and dumping services. Call them for a free quotation.
Phone: +65 6763 3533

6) Double Win
Very approachable, and reasonably priced, Double Win boasts of offering the best furniture disposal services across Singapore. The services are available on all seven days. Get unwanted furniture removed conveniently and efficiently right away!
Phone: +65 9357 7333

7) Sim Movers
Established in 2004, SIM Movers has gained a good reputation for their excellent services and great costumer care. The company promises to make your furniture removal economical and hassle free. Their representatives and polite and efficient. The unwanted furniture is collected from your place and disposed at designated and approved dumping grounds in Singapore.
Phone: +65 6555 5417

8) Asia One Movers
Asia One Movers is another great company which qualifies for this list. They take pride in offering impeccable furniture disposal services at reasonable prices and commit to deliver fast, efficient and smooth pickup and handling. Open 24/7.
Phone: +65 6555 5417

9) The Helping Hand
The Helping Hand primarily provides moving services but they can also arrange for disposal services. The Helping Hand is a Volunteer Welfare Organization (VWO) under the Ministry of Community, Youth, and Sports (MCYS) with Institution of Public Character (IPC) status. It was founded in 1987 for the rehabilitation of ex-drug addicts. As of 2006, they have also opened their doors to ex-offenders. You can call them for a free quotation.
Phone: +65 6283 2204

10) Junkie Chute
Junkie Chute provides services to dispose your unwanted stuff for you, at low and reasonable rates. They even buy used teakwood and rosewood furniture.
Phone: +65 9181 4227

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Before you start looking at these options, we would like to highlight a few pointers for you to keep in mind.

1) Think thoroughly as to how you would like to dispose of your unwanted furniture.

2) Get a few quotes before you finalise on one. If you think that hiring professional services is the right choice for you, try to get the best value for your money. Do an exhaustive research, and try to get more than one professional quote. This will help you get a good comparison and will ensure you are getting the best possible deal. The rates for disposal depend on the volume of items – they usually start from around S$50-80. Some companies even waive off these charges if the furniture is in good enough condition to be refurbished or recycled.

3) Trust is important. Always ask questions when in doubt. It might be worth checking the company’s license to perform the services, just to keep unwarranted thoughts at bay.

4) Look for recommendations. A recommendation from a known source could be better than a ton of research. So always ask your friends, colleagues or family for recommendations before you zero in on a company.

5) Safety is of utmost priority. It is a good idea to check the authenticity of the company before you make the final call. Companies enlisted under the Waste Management & Recycling Association of Singapore follow set standards and therefore guarantee the best notch services and customer satisfaction.

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