10 Interesting Courses In Singapore That Will Keep Boredom at Bay!

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Life is fun when you are open to trying new things. So Urbandesis, give yourselves a little push and break free from the daily grind. Whether you are a stay-at-home mum in Singapore or a workaholic entrepreneur, reward yourself with a few hours off from your busy schedule, and let loose.

Here, we list 10 cool sassy courses that will jiggle you, entertain you and bring in you a new spark – and who knows, you may even find your inner calling.

1) Live. Laugh. Bake. “As long as you know how to bake a cake, life is sure to be sweet”, goes a popular saying. Wouldn’t it be priceless to see your little one’s face light up with love and joy when you bake a cake for him or her, without any rhyme or reason?

BakinCalf is a hands-on baking class programme, offering a variety of programmes. At BakinCalf, all workshops are well researched, tested and documented – be it course work design, recipes, or decorating. With courses starting from S$80 per person, all you need to attend one is an apron, pen and paper and you can proudly take home your own baked cake (or even cookies, tarts or cupcakes) to showcase and relish with your family and friends.

Bake It Yourself Course Centre is another top training centre, offering cake decorating courses in Singapore. They offer everything from shorter hands-on classes and workshops to intensive courses in baking and decorating, for beginners to advanced levels. Courses start from S$70 for beginners.


2) Language has a new meaning Singapore is a land of diverse cultures and nationalities, and hence, languages. What better place to hone your own skills and learn a new language? Although, mandarin still remains the most popular language learnt in the expat community, experienced independent teachers and trained language schools can be found across the island, teaching willing students a plethora of languages. Inlingua and Cambridge Language School are just two of the many language schools island-wide. Inlingua offers a variety of foreign languages (including French, German, Spanish, Italian) taught by native speakers. Their elementary programme is around S$380 for 20 hours. Cambridge Language School provides the widest range of language courses while adhering to high standards specified by governing associations.

3) Let’s sew on… If you have a sewing bone in you, look no further than Uyii. Uyii is a home-grown brand that makes stylish handbags and purses, and that too all handmade. Priced at S$460 for ten classes, Uyii spreads some embroidery love with two levels of sewing classes and workshops. By the end of 10 classes for beginners and 10 for intermediate programme, you will be an expert at making currency wallets, backpacks and messenger/sling bags.

Sew Fun! @ Art Loft is a collaboration between Uyii and Art Loft, and is home to a fusion of fabric, electronics, fashion, art and fun. They offer several classes teaching everything from basic apparels and baby wear to school supplies and animal cushions. They even have a Light-Up Felt Ornament Workshop (S$40), which would be great for kids.


4) Make a difference Volunteering is not only a great way to make a positive difference in the community that we live in, but it also helps us in expanding our local network and better understanding the people and society we are a part of. Singapore offers a plethora of volunteering opportunities and it is a hub for many International Organisations (IOs) and NGOs.

International organisations such as Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES), Mercy Relief, Save the Children International, The Singapore International Foundation, Singapore Red Cross Society and many more are making a huge impact with their work and community service within Singapore 

5) Do it with Paddle The coolest (literally speaking, as you are on water) and the most fun form of yoga – stand up paddling is gaining a lot of momentum amongst people of all ages. Originated from US, this activity involves a full body workout while challenging your core strength, cardio fitness and balance. SUP (Stand Up Paddling School) offers specialised yoga / fitness classes from S$60 per class. So may be it’s time to swap your yoga mat with a paddleboard if this sounds exciting to you. Grab your sunblock and get ready to be drenched in sweat and water.

Ben Stiller SUP

6) Suspend your disbelief in Aerial Yoga Have you ever wanted to fly like a bird? Or wondered what it would feel like to swing in the air, perhaps on a loop or a trapeze? Challenge your body and soul in these fun-filled and exciting aerial yoga classes that not only release your anxiety and increase your sense of balance and grace, but also tone the body and build core strength. Give yourself a break from the monotonous cardio work-outs and indulge in a first-hand experience of empowerment and fun, with Simply Yoga’s specialized yoga and aerial arts classes for adults, families and kids.

Simply Yoga SG

7) Stir up the magic Always wanted to impress your kids (or friends) with magic, but never exactly knew how to do it? Now is the chance!

Laneway Learning which originated in Melbourne with a ragtag series of evening classes is now in Singapore. They offer a plethora of courses, amongst them Magic for Beginners. For just S$25 per class, you can learn the trick behind finding the four aces in a pack of cards, or even making future predictions. It might not make you into a professional magician, but it will definitely charm your audiences, be they kids or adults.

Also check out Magic Castle – an elite in the magic retailing industry, they also offer a Magic Castle Basic Magic Course (S$199)where you can chose to learn different routines from cards, to coins, to levitation and many more cool tricks.

8) Rise and grind the coffee Get hands-on with the art and science behind making your own cup of coffee – a detailed and comprehensive knowledge of coffee brewing. And if that is not enough to quench the coffee freak inside you, make a beeline to the advanced classes offered by Common Man Coffee Roasters that further enhance your real life skills as a professional barista. And it’s free. Unbelievable!

What? There’s more? You could also learn to rise and grind your own cup of joy, by enrolling in one of Papa Palheta’s classes, such as Latte Art or Espresso Redefined Level 1. Perk up your coffee senses through these courses, either one-on-one or in a group.

Common Man Coffee

9) Shooting for the stars Think you have an acting worm inside you? Or your friends love your mimicry? Centre Stage School of the Arts is a great place to get your feet wet. Centre Stage is a full performing arts centre that offers creative programmes for babies and toddlers, drama, performance acting, musical theatre, dance, music and art and craft for children of all ages and adults too! There is a one-time registration of S$50 and a deposit of S$200 per class/ student for the course. You can also enroll with WECANDOIT by Shalaka Ranadive, which in collaboration with ACTOR PREPARES, India’s finest professional acting school by the super talented Anupam Kher conducts regular acting and dance workshops in Singapore.


10) Groove to Indian Classical Singapore is a city of vibrant cultures. And the different cultures bring their rich heritage – in the form of music, dance and arts – to this lively city. There are plenty of schools across town teaching everything from ballet to hip-hop to pole dancing to jazz and tap, just to name a few. But if music and dance is your thing, and you would like to immerse yourself into the rich Indian culture and heritage, then head over to the Temple of Fine Arts and get lost in the varied dance styles, symbols and music, that they offer. Temple of Fine Arts is dedicated to the promotion of arts and culture in Singapore. It offers classes that include BharatnatyamOdissi and KathakNattuvangam. You can also pick and play an instrument of your choice, like the tabla or sitar. 

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Priyanka Bajpai

Priyanka has been living in Singapore for the past three years now and is a full- time mom to two pinky fingers, aged 7 and 4. Priyanka realised that despite her Master’s degree in Microbiology, writing excites her more! She is a freelance writer, a blogger (creativepen) and also a marketing communications consultant. Trying to juggle between her passion, home and kids, she confesses to being a cleanliness freak and loves to pamper her foodie husband. Nicknamed drama queen by family and friends, she is a full-on Bollywood romantic and loves to groove on desi numbers.

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